Are you utilizing all the ressources you have in your business?

Probably not, if you keep talking about how to streamline your business or feel meetings are a waste of time. Running a business on how to do more in less time and with less ressources have reached a dead end. We can’t work faster, and demotivation has begun to show its face throughout companies and organisations.

The funny thing is, that we still run our businesses looking at ways to work more effectively because we know there is still unused ressource there. And yes there is lots and lots and lots, but we use the wrong key to release them.

Release resources and unless the potential

You’ve probably heard it before: You can’t keep doing what you always have done and expect new things to happen. Sorry for pulling this card (again), but I don’t think we can hear it enough since we as human beings are creatures of habit.

So, if you can’t streamline your business looking at it as a machine, what to do? A wise women, Margaret Wheatly, once said that organisations ought to be looked at as human solely for the fact that they consists of human beings. Let’s try.

In this perspective, I invite you to look at your business and your employees as human beings. And first question to ask is: What motivates us as humans?

To things:

  1. That we feel we are a part of the community/the family/the group/the company.
  2. That we sense we contribute to the common good in the community/the family/the group/the company.

It is by inviting people in (including them), not cutting them down (excluding them), showing they are needed that makes them work ‘harder’. It is by asking them to contribute to the common good of the company that you can release the hidden resources and unless the potential. And hence grow the company in a meaningful way.

New leaders are facilitators

Unfortunately, you can’t manage or lead this kind of motivation through the mindset of the old paradigm. You have to nudge the motivation to come forth, to facilitate it. You need tools so you can create a space for everyone to contribute where your company obtain the results that makes sense for all.

How to use facilitation as a leadership practice, will be shared in my next blogs, including tips and trick and an upcoming freebee on 5 effective and easy steps to meaningful meetings.

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