From fighting each other

Using facilitation as a leadership tool is an iterative process where curiosity is the fuel. In contradiction to a regular leadership process where people fight for a membership in the club of the popular or to win the competition on becoming the wisest. We can’t afford this battle anymore. We live in a complex world and time where we need all the knowledge we have available – everyone’s contribution. So it ought not to be necessary fighting for the seats in the community anymore.

…to exploring together

How do you go from battling to exploring? And lead everyone in the team to follow? First step is for you as a leader to take. You have to let go of the need to control and the focus on a specific goal. Instead you have to find faith and trust towards your employees…after all you hired them! It is your job to support your employees to investigate and explore solutions together. Solutions that matters to all, that is.

To open this field of faith and trust where creative exploring can accelerate, you have to generate

  • energy
  • participation
  • mutual understanding
  • responsibility

At this point everyone uses each others thoughts and ideas to become wiser and take wiser steeps. This is going from demand-and-control to facilitate-and-lead. To facilitate is all about creating value that is worth more than what you can create alone.

An invitation to you

Do you want to explore how far facilitation can bring you and your team? I invite you to my workshop on co-creation where you learn to release ressources and create sustainable innovation. The workshop invitation is in Danish, please contact me for an English version.

This workshop can of course be run as a closed event on demand inside organisations for a fixed fee (+ materials, accommodation, travel, expenses & VAT if applicable in your country) for up to 24 participants. For further information and registration please contact me at or +4530248428.

If you want to know more now, feel free to contact me at or +4530248428. Or you are welcome to visit to find more inspiration.