Standing on the edge to a new organisational paradigm

Where are we going? In which direction are we headed? What are the does and don’ts? Where could we do better? These are questions that we ought to ask ourselves once in a while…to hone, who we are and our greatest wishes and desires. No matter if the ‘we’ is you as an individual, as a family member, a colleague, an employee or employer or a whole organisation.

Once a year, the Danish Queen, Margrethe II, answers these questions on behalf of the Danish people in a speech New Year’s Eve. And once again this year, she is foresighted and spot-on pointing at the wholes in the cheese. Especially one sentence caught my attention and has turned in my mind. She asked us to ‘look up and see each other’.

It caught my attention, because we the last decade have focused so much on the individual. On self-development. On how I can do better. That we need to feed ourselves first before helping others. Of course there is some rightness in this but I believe it has come to an extent where we too often become self centred, not wanting to ask for help neither wanting to help if there isn’t anything in it for ‘me’.

Standing on the edge of a new time I believe, it is important that we (re-)learn how to help each other, how to do things together just because… as individuals, as family members, as colleagues, as employees or employers or as organisations.

We need to acknowledge that we are a part of the problem and a part of the solution!

Having said this, I want to reveal the theme of topics for this new time and new year’s blog, which is:

How can we prepare for the new organisational paradigm?

You’ll get cutting-edge thoughts, ideas, tips and tricks on

  • How do we organise our future workplaces?
  • How do we fertilize for growth?
  • How do we keep the employees happy?
  • How do I lead the future’s workplace?

Also coming up, is a free app filled with questions on how to become better at navigating and grounding yourself while hosting and co-creating with others. Later this year I’ll launch an online webinar on how to get the good and solid ground work done. You can see this as your little organiser supreme kit.

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I wish you all a fulfilling and abundant 2017. May all your wishes and desires come true in the best way for the common good.