As a consultant and coach I often hear leaders ask questions as:

  • How can I rethink my leadership, the way to grow my company and be at service for all stakeholders at the same time?
  • What skills and talents does my business need to be flexible and succesful in the future?
  • How are my employees and customers affected by the societal development and how does this effect my leadership practice?
  • How can I lead in a way that brings out the best in me, in others and in the organisation?

The essence in these questions is not the what’s and how’s. It is a search for alignment with the greater purpose, the nature of thing’s connectedness.

Facilitation = purpose + involvement

A lot of leaders try their best to generate meaning and involvement but only few have learnt to use the basic techniques that creates motivated people and solutions that matters to everyone.

Fact is that 98 % of all humans wish to do their best because we want to experience that we contribute. When we get to contribute we translate it into an understanding of acceptance by the group and that this group or community view us as useful. Looking at it from a leadership perspective it is about involvement and that is a keyword when talking about facilitation.

The 4 ground pillars of facilitation

Using facilitation as a leadership tool, I want to highlight what I call the 4 ground pillars of facilitation.

  1. Listening: What does it take to really listen to each other?
  2. Respect: What does respect mean to you and the people around you?
  3. Openness: What becomes possible when we set aside our beliefs?
  4. Verbalisation: What happens when we talk about that which is important to us?

May I suggest you invite people around to a conversation on these questions?

An invitation to you

Do you want to explore how far facilitation can bring you and your team? I invite you to my workshop on co-creation where you learn to release ressources and create sustainable innovation. The workshop invitation is in Danish, please contact me for an English version.

This workshop can of course be run as a closed event on demand inside organisations for a fixed fee (+ materials, accommodation, travel, expenses & VAT if applicable in your country) for up to 24 participants. For further information and registration please contact me at or +4530248428.

If you want to know more now, feel free to contact me at or +4530248428. Or you are welcome to visit to find more inspiration.